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History Class

Every business venture is endowed with a history; a unique past and/or journey that is exclusive to that business and the people behind it. This perfectly describes the history of 80’s University. While some may pose the reasonable argument that our journey has just begun, we'd ardently disagree. We have a storied past that rests resolute upon the foundation of brotherhood and destiny, and was ordained by a power far greater than any human.


(Ca. 1989-90) The Brooklyn Navy/Naval Yard; Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY – 11205. Unbeknownst to us some 25 plus years ago, this historic Brooklyn – NYC landmark, arguably serving as the keystone in America’s post-American Revolution militarization efforts, would effectively be regarded as the birthplace of 80’s University (80U). But more specific to the 80U story is The United States Naval Sea Cadet Corp [Brooklyn Division]; a quasi -Naval Academy/Boot Camp fashioned program that was intended to provide structure, balance, and discipline to both the wayward and good teens coming of age in Brooklyn during New York City’s unforgiving crack era. We were 3 young minority teenagers representing different sections of Brooklyn (Maverick - Coney Island; Rock-Steady - Brownsville; and Doc Brown - East New York), working diligently to evade turmoil and to identify our respective life paths while surviving the hardened landscape of the inner-city and its many pitfalls. Defying the statistics and stereotypes, we survived. But as we grew into adulthood and relished in our individual accomplishments, something was missing. This would be an opportunity to leverage the bonds, trusts, and loyalties of our friendships into a business venture that would appropriately represent that which was mutual amongst us; a genuine interest in classic golden era entertainment themes and music. This would eventually lead to the founding of 80’s University and the opportunity to provide something tangible to those who share in the desire to recapture and reconnect with the moments of their formative years.

Can you recall your level of excitement and contentment while engaging Saturday morning cartoons during the 80’s? How about what it felt like to watch  those classic Kung-Fu flicks on Sunday afternoon? What about the pleasant rush of emotions that you experienced as a teenager when you first heard what would become your favorite song?  Whatever it was that evoked excitement and continues to conjure feelings of nostalgia in you, it is our goal to support and encourage the indulgence of your childhood  memories.


So as Maverick, Rock-Steady, and I reflect on our arduous and countless weekends spent together as teenagers on the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard, we ask that you consider the #1 priority of 80’s University…YOU! As well as, our commitment to providing you with quality and stylish apparel that effectively captures and communicates the fond memories of your youth. 


-D.D. “Doc Brown” Turner 

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